image_1Who we are

“Insfin is an Australian company manufacturing innovative solutions using robust technology since 2000.”

Cyber and Physical Security

Insfin is developing new biometric solutions to on-board new customers securely using AI. Once enrolled the customer can seamlessly and securely access vital systems online as well as protect physical assets via the fully integrated access system (optional) to access buildings or safe storage.

image_2What problem do we solve

On-boarding new customers securely is critical especially in financial services and where privacy is paramount. We have the ability to enroll and verify a person using our COVID safe touch-free biometric identification solution within minutes in a fast and fool-proof manner. Once enrolled, the customer’s biometric can also be linked to a network of physical access systems if required to give a seamless customer experience between systems and physical access.

We believe with Insfin’s innovative biometric and physical access technology can centralise customer on-boarding, identification and physical access management in a unified, fast and secure manner.

image_3How we do it

With in-house skills with software, networking, hardware design and development, we are pioneering new solutions and devices for Biometric identification to assist in customer onboarding and access solutions. Using our Biometric enrolment and verification device “PulseSafe”, Insfin can securely on-board new customers anywhere and at anytime and secure access to computer systems as well as physical access systems.